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Disney movies in order of historical setting

(Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)


So lets all flash back to the summer of 2007.

So lets talk about my time on the ….

Wolverine and the x-men cartoon!(before the book)

In a small hot studio in Burbank i started my “internship” and my first published job EVER in art form straight out of school. I did everything that wasn’t being done if that make sense. I worked as a production assistant. I did storyboard revisions, i did some backgrounds and some incidental characters but mostly i worked with all 3 director and producers to be the team effects artist.

How does that work? I draw lasers and shit. DREAM JOB.  Plus with a directors like Steve Gordon and Boyd Kirkland and every artist in house. They were all so kind and nice to me and we were a very functional beehive. Everyone doing there part. it was fantastic.

I grew up with x-men TAS and i watched every ounce x-men evolution and this being the next series. I was the happiest college kid ever.

The show is now on netflick check it out and i cant believe its been 7 years.

Fun facts  about the show that you might not have known.

  1. Nitro effects were asked by the people who control standards in the UK to make the explosion a “happy explosion”. So instead of a orange explosion i opted for a cyan blue.
  2. My favorite effect to create? ICEMAN?! Boyd basically taught me how to push shapes and how to make the effect easy for over seas to animate. 
  3. the weirdest? When they asked me to make wolverine smell o vision.  How he visualizes smell and we talked back and forth what smell looks like. I made ninja stars , silver samurai , rogue and ninjas in smell o vision.  i also had to teach another artist how to make it so she could apply the effect to the whole cast.
  4. I designed the phoneix force. Bucket list
  5. I redesigned emma ice form. bucket list
  6. i designed psylocke psychic butterfly and made it into a psychic beam. Which i don’t think made it animated debut anywhere. Could be wrong
  7. All the effects in the show are mine except for nightcrawler’s Bamf. Which Steven Gordon from x-men evolution fame did him self. Which he hand animated himself.
  8. I did do Blinks teleporting effects but i was told her spikes cant stab anyone. No one can be stabbed. Think of the kids.
  9. Effects monster? Jullian and Shadowking. They both are form astral armor and different things are turned green.
  10. Marrow bones were once story boarded that she could make shrukiens and boomerangs. I dint say anything but i knew that wasn’t possible and marvel later confirmed it.
  11. Our show was heavily based on Joss whedon Astonishing x-men. The directors were very confused with the difference between hisako and tildie. Marvel wanted Tildie and i thought it was a great choice. Though i love Hiskao. People around me learned how current of a nerd i was.
  12. I was nicknamed the x-men encyclopedia.
  13. The last episode i had drawn every single mutant in the crowd scene. From evil pixie , to sugarman and all these obscure AOA character but due to time or something they got cut and generics were used.
  14. The debate about bishops energy signature. What color is his energy signature. In the comics he has been everything from red to green to cyan. I did the research.  I figure whatever he adsorbed the colored would be his new color . Marvel went with just red i think.
  15. Designing dazzler effect. I thought about all those raves i went too . Haha but in the yester year.
  17. i wanted psylocke to have the pink butterfly so i pushed for it. Or snuck it in.
  18. White queen i wanted her to have a cerebro effect and designed something to rival the butterfly . Phoenix i wanted her to be fire orange. So the colors i choose were pink cyan and orange.  I’m not sure if Emma energy signature was designed before the show. I knew jean has shown to have pink in the comics but she was phoenix here.
  19. Every mutant in the show had effect except for beast ,shadowcat. I think wolverine had a shiny effect not sure. The x-men are flashy and i love that.
  20. Boyd Kirkland wrote the episode where angel become archangel and  the first act storm and angel are just flying . He explained to me that they aren’t trying  get romantically link but they were just friends that both enjoyed the gift of flying. I loved loved that idea and i want to explore that with a drawing one day.
  21. Even multiple man had an effect. When he claps he lets off a flare.
  22. we had a debate about storms wind, should it be shown or should there be a visual. I voted for visual and i think it came back from over seas great.
  23. gambit effects gave me trouble because it came back from over seas wrong so i had to do it again. Only happen a couple times.
  24. Archangel has a diamond lens flare mind control effect and dagger props.
  25. I designed the astral plane. Its just a blue gradient . Most simplistic astral plane ever!
  26. Craig kyle and Cris yost were the ones who helped with the show and that’s why characters like Vanisher and pixie were apart of both new x-men and x force.
  27. I gained a ton of weight though  but i worked hard.It was a hot summer.


I was brought on for season two but it was in development still so i didnt contribute anything yet. I like everyone out there wanted a season 2 as fan.

They had plans to bring back colossus. Introduce Magik :( and havok and dead pool . They also had a jimlee jean and cyclops design. I would have worked my heart out of season 2. If only we had a time machine.  They all had designs already but it was pre production that could have changed.

Someone asked about storm. I’m not sure why marvel didn’t use her that much. I think she had a shadow king episode and the archangel episode. I wished they used colossus personally.

i want to thank you guys for reading this flash back post, Thank all the people at the show who made my stay so memorable

Especially Boyd Kirkland , he was also so on point about everything and he had a great eye for everything visual. He had amazing pieces from hayao miyazaki and he let me look at his copy of akira storyboards which was very nice of him.An amazing human being and someone who really someone contributed to my artistic growth. thanks Boyd

link to a second set of images from the show

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There are days where you just want to rant. Rant about unnecessary things in life, all the unfairness, all the struggle, all the wishes. You know you shouldn’t talk about such things because you know you have more than what others have. But it just happens to be in the back of your mind. You feel as if.. If you told someone about the problems you may have, that person would see you differently. You may feel as if that person will see you as a selfish person, and that you just try to make excuses for the better. That vulnerability that we have is just locked inside until we can’t hold it in much longer.

If you’re still reading for some unknown reason, this is probably where I’ll be writing negatively from now on for this post and only this post. I just want to express myself to get it out of my system. And for those who know me well, I’m usually an optimistic person. But you have to understand that there are days of negativity that just bottles up somewhere. Anyway-

This is probably where I broke… But who can I talk to? This social media? It’s the closest I can get to releasing my thoughts without someone judging me to the point of seeing me differently than who I am now.

I’m scared. Quite honestly, I don’t know what I want anymore. I’m being stupid, being selfish, and maybe doing things for the wrong reasons.
There are days where I question myself. Am I a good friend? Do I deserve this? Maybe I deserve more? I thought I was a good person, maybe I’m just annoying. No one tells me. Birthdays are just days right? But why do I wish for more?
I’m sorry to those I may have mistreated. I don’t know what may have bugged you about me, and I know some of you are being nice when I am just annoying or too much to handle. But thank you for being around me and hiding what you had felt. I’d rather keep the memory of thinking people who I thought were friends are friends.

And I’ll end here. I might have exhausted what had gone through my mind for the next several months. Haha. Positivity, right? Life is hard, but we have to move on. Be the better person. Be someone that others see. I do more for people than they do for me. Why? Because I felt they deserve it. Maybe I don’t deserve the same back, but I still try. I try very hard. And yet… Why don’t feel as if it’s not enough?

This is as vulnerable as I can be… Who knew.

Smile. This word definitely helps during days where I doubt myself.

Smile with your head held high, and move forward.







Smash Mouth - All Star (played in Mario Paint)

This is the only thing I’m listening to for the rest of the day.

The use of the yoshi sound effect was genius

oh my god the yoshi effect



Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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